Open Tubular Offset Eye Grip

Used for pulling slack during final placement of cable in exchange buildings and at termination points such as pole tops where the end of the cable cannot be used to haul from. Open Tubular Offset Eye Grips are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.
Available in galvanised or stainless steel wire.

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Product Code Suit cable OD Grip Length UTS
Galvanised Wire (Load kN)
OCG-0611-R 6-11mm 350mm 5
OCG-0611-HD 6-11mm 350mm 8
OCG-1014-R 10-14mm 350mm 5
OCG-1014-HD 10-14mm 400mm 15
OCG-1419-R 14-19mm 400mm 9
OCG-1419-HD 14-19mm 400mm 20
OCG-1928-R 19-28mm 500mm 15
OCG-1928-HD 19-28mm 500mm 37
OCG-2840-R 28-40mm 600mm 24
OCG-2840-HD 28-40mm 600mm 44
OCG-4055-R 40-55mm 800mm 35
OCG-4055-HD 40-55mm 800mm 70
OCG-5575-R 55-75mm 900mm 62
OCG-5575-HD 55-75mm 900mm 80
OCG-7595-R 75-95mm 1000mm 98
OCG-7595-HD 75-95mm 1000mm 180
OCG-95120-R 95-120mm 1200mm 133
OCG-120150-R 120-150mm 1400mm 187
OCG-150190-R 150-190mm 1600mm 286
Stainless Steel Wire (Load kN)
OCG-1014-SS 10-14mm 350mm 5
OCG-1419-SS 14-19mm 400mm 9
OCG-1928-SS 19-28mm 500mm 15
OCG-2840-SS 28-40mm 600mm 24
OCG-4055-SS 40-55mm 800mm 35
OCG-5575-SS 55-75mm 900mm 62
OCG-7595-SS 75-95mm 1000mm 98
OCG-95120-SS 95-120mm 1200mm 133