Lace Up Double Eye Grip

Generally used for supporting electricity cables in a vertical or sloping position and is also ideal for use in manholes where the longitudinal movement of the cable caused by road vibration needs to be checked. Lace Up Double Eye Grips are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.
Available in galvanised or stainless steel wire.

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Product Code Suit cable OD Grip Length UTS
Galvanised Wire (Load kN)
LCG-1419D 14-19mm 500mm 9
LCG-1928D 19-28mm 600mm 15
LCG-2840D 28-40mm 800mm 24
LCG-4055D 40-55mm 900mm 35
LCG-5575D 55-75mm 1000mm 62
LCG-7595D 75-95mm 1200mm 98
LCG-95120D 95-120mm 1400mm 98
Stainless Steel Wire (Load kN)
LCG-1419D-SS 14-19mm 500mm 9
LCG-1928D-SS 19-28mm 600mm 15
LCG-2840D-SS 28-40mm 800mm 24
LCG-4055D-SS 40-55mm 900mm 35
LCG-5575D-SS 55-75mm 1000mm 62
LCG-7595D-SS 75-95mm 1200mm 98
LCG-95120D-SS 95-120mm 1400mm 98