Closed Tubular Single Eye Grip

Closed Tubular Single Eye Grip is for light to medium hauling of communication and power cable. To be used in underground conduits, trenches, cable trays and for service lines to factories. Closed Tubular Single Eye Grip is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


In addition to our heavy duty range of wire cable grips, we have added a cost attractive regular range which delivers a suitable load rating for hauling fibre optic cable. We retain our heavy duty range for handling larger power and copper cables and also available in stainless steel wire for use in corrosive environments.
• Simply add -R, -HD or -SS after the part code to indicate your selection.

Product Code Suit cable OD Grip Length UTS
Galvanised Wire (Load kN)
TCG-0407-HD 4-7mm 300mm 5
TCG-0612-R 6-12mm 350mm 1.5
TCG-0612-HD 6-12mm 350mm 8
TCG-1014-R 10-14mm 400mm 5
TCG-1014-HD 10-14mm 400mm 15
TCG-1419-R 14-19mm 400mm 9
TCG-1419-HD 14-19mm 400mm 20
TCG-1928-R 19-28mm 500mm 15
TCG-1928-HD 19-28mm 500mm 37
TCG-2840-R 28-40mm 600mm 24
TCG-2840-HD 28-40mm 600mm 44
TCG-4055-R 40-55mm 800mm 35
TCG-4055-HD 40-55mm 800mm 70
TCG-5575-R 55-75mm 900mm 62
TCG-5575-HD 55-75mm 900mm 80
TCG-7595-R 75-95mm 1000mm 98
TCG-7595-HD 75-95mm 1000mm 180
TCG-95120-R 95-120mm 1200mm 133
TCG-120150-R 120-150mm 1400mm 187
TCG-150190-R 150-190mm 1600mm 286
Stainless Steel Wire (Load kN)
TCG-1014-SS 10-14mm 400mm 5
TCG-1419-SS 14-19mm 400mm 9
TCG-1928-SS 19-28mm 500mm 15
TCG-2840-SS 28-40mm 600mm 24
TCG-4055-SS 40-55mm 800mm 35
TCG-5575-SS 55-75mm 900mm 62
TCG-7595-SS 75-95mm 1000mm 98
TCG-95120-SS 95-120mm 1200mm 133