Open Tubular Double Eye Grip

Allow the cable to pass through the middle of the grip, should it be required. Open Tubular Double Eye Grips are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.



DCG (Double-eye Cable Grip) Eye each side of cable allowing the cable to pass through the middle of the grip.
In addition to our heavy duty range of wire cable grips, we have added a cost attractive regular range which delivers a suitable load rating for hauling fibre optic cable. We retain our heavy duty range for handling larger power and copper cables and also available in stainless steel* wire for use in corrosive environments.
• Simply add -R, -HD or -SS* after the part code to indicate your selection.

Product Code Suit cable OD Grip Length UTS WLL
Galvanised Wire (Load kN) (Load kN)
DCG-0612-HD 6-12mm 450mm 8kN 2.6kN
DCG-1014-HD 10-14mm 520mm 15kN 5.0kN
DCG-1419-HD 14-19mm 610mm 20kN 6.6kN
DCG-1928-R 19-28mm 740mm 15kN 5.0kN
DCG-1928-HD 19-28mm 740mm 37kN 12.3kN
DCG-2840-R 28-40mm 870mm 24kN 8.0kN
DCG-2840-HD 28-40mm 870mm 44kN 14.6kN
DCG-4055-R 40-55mm 1120mm 35kN 11.0kN
DCG-4055-HD 40-55mm 1120mm 70kN 23.3kN
DCG-5575-R 55-75mm 1300mm 62kN 20.0kN
DCG-5575-HD 55-75mm 1300mm 80kN 26.6kN
DCG-7595-R 75-95mm 1450mm 98kN 32.6kN
DCG-7595-HD 75-95mm 1450mm 180kN 60.0kN
DCG-95120-R 95-120mm 1700mm 133kN 44.0kN
DCG-95120-HD 95-120mm 1700mm 180kN 60.0kN
Stainless Steel Wire* (Load kN) (Load kN)
DCG-0612-HD-SS 6-12mm 450mm 6.4kN 2.0kN
DCG-1014-HD-SS 10-14mm 520mm 12kN 4.0kN
DCG-1419-HD-SS 14-19mm 610mm 16kN 5.3kN
DCG-1928-HD-SS 19-28mm 740mm 29kN 9.6kN
DCG-2840-HD-SS 28-40mm 870mm 35kN 11.6kN
DCG-4055-HD-SS 40-55mm 1120mm 56kN 18.6kN
DCG-5575-HD-SS 55-75mm 1300mm 64kN 21.3kN
DCG-7595-HD-SS 75-95mm 1450mm 144kN 48.0kN
DCG-95120-HD-SS 95-120mm 1700mm 144kN 48.0kN

*woven with 316 SS wire, standard “soft eye” design has copper (Cu) ferrules.  Also available with thimbles & Cu ferrules or total SS wire, thimbles & ferrules.  Please enquire if your permutation is not listed.