Drawline Pressure Roping Gun

For hands free operation. Suitable for conduits ranging from 40mm to 200mm and roping grommets to accommodate rope from 4mm to 12mm.

NOTE: CLP also produces line carriers and drawline – these items are not included with this product and should be ordered additionally.

Drawling Pressure Roping Gun Kits are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


CLP Code Description
DPL-500 Pressure Roping Kit – Tool Box with 1 Gun + 5 Seal Offs
[Seals for 50mm 80mm 100mm 125mm & 150mm]
Parts available for separate purchase:
DPL-400 Pressure Roping Gun (c/w 6mm Grommet)
DPL-350 Adapter to connect DAH-030 or DAH-040 to DPL-400 ***
DPL-600 Tool Box
DPL-040 40mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-050 50mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-065 65mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-080 80mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-100 100mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-125 125mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-150 150mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-200 200mm Conduit Seal-Off
DPL-300 300mm Conduit Seal-Off

*** Connecting the rubber cones from DBI-02 Electric Blower box provides a seal of 13-25mm, 32-63mm and 63-150mm  https://cablelaying.com.au/products/electric-blower-2-stage