Electric Blower 2 Stage

Featuring 2 motors and delivering 7 cubic metres of air at a safe low pressure, this unit will effectively blow a lightweight drawline up to 1000 metres of lubricated unoccupied conduit. Each motor will deliver approximately 3.5 cubic metres of air per minute.

NOTE: CLP also manufactures line carriers, parachutes and drawline – these items are not included with this product and should be ordered additionally.

Electric Blowers are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


This low pressure system has been designed for rough external work suited to long PVC duct runs with many bends.

2 x 240v motors, 1100 watts each – 2200 watts total power, Weather proof switches, Separate fan from the motor for longer motor life, rubber feet to insulate unit from the ground , Camloc fittings on hose pipe.  This one person operation is a quick and safe method of roping conduit.

Complete with:
CLP Code Description
1 x DBI-02 Two Stage Electric Blower
1 x DAH-506 5m hose assembly fittings
1 x DAH-030 conduit sealer 32-63mm
1 x DAH-040 conduit sealer 63-150mm
1 x DBI-800 galvanised Box
Replacement Parts:
CLP Code Description
DBI-02 Electric Blower 2 Stage
DAH-020 Conduit Seal Off 13-25mm
DAH-030 Conduit Seal Off 32-63mm
DAH-040 Conduit Seal Off 63-150mm
DAH-060 Blower Hand Piece
DAH-506 5m hose c/w fittings