Racespec / Spectra Rope is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


Constructed with internal Spectra filaments encased inside a polyester braid, it has a maximum stretch of 5%, which is less than half the stretch of standard polyester double braid & by comparison 7 x less stretch than poly ropes which can exceed up to 35% elongation. Lengths cut to your requirements, measured in 100M increments. (Racespec is also known as Spectra Rope)  Can’t see the rope you require? Call us, we are here to help.
Special Service
For rope dia.>8mm, eyes can be spliced on each end

CLP Code Description
DL-02 2mm diameter – 1.72kN U.T.S
DL-03 3mm diameter – 3.92kN U.T.S
DL-04 4mm diameter – 6.37kN U.T.S
DL-05 5mm diameter – 10.30kN U.T.S
DL-06 6mm diameter – 16.67kN U.T.S
DL-08 8mm diameter – 32.36kN U.T.S
DL-10 10mm diameter – 41.68kN U.T.S
DL-12 12mm diameter – 51.98kN U.T.S
DL-14 14mm diameter – 76.49kN U.T.S
DL-16 16mm diameter – 88.26kN U.T.S
DL-18 18mm diameter – 112.8kN U.T.S