Providing protection from adverse weather conditions in seconds, CLP’s Quick Flick Shelters, with their integral frame and skin, allow you to erect the shelter quickly and easily (similar to opening an umbrella) to provide a sheltered work area.
The lightweight polyester fabric, selected for its resistance to mildew and ultraviolet rays, has been further treated for fire retardance and water resistance. Fibreglass rods, chosen for their strength and flexibility, are used on the frame, which, if damaged, can be easily repaired.  Imported from the USA

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CLP offers an extensive range of tents for all environments from small to large sizes. We supply shelters for a range of uses across sectors from Telecommunications, Railways, Police & Fire departments, Rescue and Ambulance services to Gas, Water and Electricity utilities. In addition to our comprehensive range of tents and umbrellas, we can customise shelters to meet individual requirements. Contact the team at Cable Laying Products to see how we can help.

QFS-GS6423 – 1.8M x 1.2M x 2.OM @ PEAK -1.75M @ EAVE
QFS-GS6623 –  1.8M x 1.8M x 2.OM @ PEAK -1.75M @ EAVE
QFS-GS8623 –  2.4M x 1.8M x 2.3M @ PEAK -1.8M @ EAVE