Proving Mandrel

Mandrels suitable for proving duct integrity. Special sizes can be quoted on request. Proving Mandrels are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

** CLP tools are referenced by the unit diameter, always confirm the I.D. of the conduit to ensure a suitable fit.

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CLP Proving mandrels are manufactured out of a very high grade long lasting, tough Acetal compound. They are precision made and built to last.  Acetal resins are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics and are characterised by good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity and high resistance to solvents and chemicals. Because of these properties, acetals compete and win over other plastics for this application.

CLP can manufacture custom diameters upon provision of the dimensions at (A), (B) & (C) per the table below (within the limitations of the total mass of the acetal block).

CLP Code Description Dia (A) Total Length (B) Flat Area (C)
PMN-014 Test Mandrel 14mm 25mm 6mm
PMN-018 Test Mandrel 18mm 30mm 8mm
PMN-024 Test Mandrel 24mm 34mm 10mm
PMN-028 Test Mandrel 28mm 45mm 11mm
PMN-032 Test Mandrel 32mm 45mm 11mm
PMN-038 Test Mandrel 38mm 55mm 12mm
PMN-048 Test Mandrel 48mm 65mm 12mm
PMN-078 Test Mandrel 78mm 115mm 25mm
PMN-088 Test Mandrel 88mm 115mm 25mm
PMN-096 Test Mandrel 96mm 135mm 25mm
PMN-118 Test Mandrel 118mm 180mm 35mm
PMN-138 Test Mandrel 138mm 180mm 35mm

** CLP tools are referenced by the unit diameter OD, always confirm the I.D. of the conduit to ensure a suitable fit.