Proving Mandrel

Mandrels suitable for proving duct integrity. Special sizes can be quoted on request. Proving Mandrels are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

** CLP tools are referenced by the unit diameter, always confirm the I.D. of the conduit to ensure a suitable fit.

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CLP Code Description
PMN-014 Test Mandrel 14mm diameter
PMN-018 Test Mandrel 18mm diameter
PMN-024 Test Mandrel 24mm diameter
PMN-028 Test Mandrel 28mm diameter
PMN-032 Test Mandrel 32mm diameter
PMN-038 Test Mandrel 38mm diameter
PMN-048 Test Mandrel 48mm diameter
PMN-078 Test Mandrel 78mm diameter
PMN-088 Test Mandrel 88mm diameter
PMN-096 Test Mandrel 96mm diameter
PMN-118 Test Mandrel 118mm diameter
PMN-138 Test Mandrel 138mm diameter