Suits heavy duty pit lids. The Hydraulic Handylift makes light work of lifting heavy covers and is labour saving. Whether the covers are internal, block-paved, Gatic or split triangle, a kit can be provided to lift them quickly and safely, protecting operators from back & finger injury and removing all physical strain from the lifting process. Available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

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CLP Code Description
CLP-48723489 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Handylift Cover Lifter (WLL 1.5T)
  • Removes physical strain from the lifting process
  • Labour saving
  • Opens covers with 2 keyholes, double triangle covers and 4 keyhole covers
  • Durable 250mm dia. thermoplastic guiding wheels
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Weighs 55 kg fully assembled
  • Quality British manufacture

This versatile lifter has a selection of keys and accessories available to tackle covers that other lifters simply won’t lift. The lifter can be tailored to suit individual needs, altering frame and wheel sizes if required. The lifter has a working load limit of 1.5 tonnes and, with the right selection of keys and spreaders, is capable of lifting all types of covers up to 1200mm x 1200mm key span.

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