Drum Ramp Rollers DRR-1000-D

Drum Ramp Rollers are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.


The CLP drum ramp roller features the addition of two ‘inline’ vertical replacement rollers and a rear stabilising bar to keep the drum firmly in place when being spooled out – a particular advantage when the drum gets lighter towards the end of the cable payout. The back rollers come with an adjustable bracket which can be quickly adjusted, allowing for different drum diameters ranging from 600 to 1800 mm. The front rollers have a stop-bolt in place, which when tightened, stops the front roller, allowing for easy removal of the drum.

CLP Code Description
DRR-1000-D Drum Ramp Rollers 1 Tonne Capacity Sold as Pairs 600mm – 1800mm Drum Diameter

*Compact when folded – easy transportation


The DRR-1000 Drum Ramp Rollers are designed for handling medium size drums up to 1 tonne WLL. Folded for storage and transport. Sold as a pair.  Box Rollers

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