Cable Tray Rollers

Cable Tray Rollers are a great addition to any electrical contractor’s toolbox, as they can be utilised in the installation of cable trays and large runs of cables. The rollers are cast from quality-grade aluminium and are complete with sealed metal bearings.

CTR’S are often used with cable trays or ladders, and with the addition of thumb screws at either end, the units can be locked in place both vertically and horizontally.
Cable Tray Rollers are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

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CLP Code Description
CTR-050 Cable Tray unit used to form a radius by bolting to individual rungs in the tray or used as multiple units. Can be bolted to Cable and Ladder Tray. Great for change of direction. Roller suits cable up to 50mm dia. WLL/Capacity of 190kg
CTR-080 Cable Tray unit with twin rollers. Used where changes in a vertical direction are required. Quick release rollers. Roller suits cable up to 45mm dia. WLL/Capacity of 600kg
CTR-140 Quality aluminium roller complete with bearings. Easily adaptable for a variety of uses ( low profile). Great for cable or ladder tray work. Cable Tray roller suits cable up to 140mm dia. WLL/Capacity of 580kg.