Aquagel AQG – Green

High Performance non-hazardous Lubricant Gel: Suitable for heavy power cable and roughly sheathed cable ( e.g. hessian, bitumen, etc.) This is a thixotropic* gel that enables hand application to cable. Aquagel AQG Green is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. *The thixotropic gel contains a time-dependent shear thinning property, meaning it is thick under static conditions and will become thin or less viscous and flow over time when shaken, agitated, or otherwise stressed.


Approved for use in the electricity network of Ausgrid, distributing throughout New South Wales, east coast Australia [Ausgrid Ref: 1229, 24 November 2022].

CLP Code Description
AQG-01 Aquagel 1 Litre Bottles – supplied as carton of 12
AQG-20 Aquagel 20 Litre Drum
AQG-200 Aquagel 200 Litre Drum – blended to order

– non-hazardous, without silicon

Product Endorsement “allow one litre per thirty meters of cable. Having the application stations at 300 to 350 meters apart..we are using approx 25% less of your lubricant to your closest competitors and is stays on the cable. By far the best product we have used.” Phil Garde, Garde Services 8 January 2012

CLP is renowned for blending quality non-hazardous hauling lubricant that goes the extra mile.  Its Aqualube range comprises a water-based, professional-grade cable lubricant that comes in three varieties to cover all types of cable installation. Aqualube leaves a harmless powder that remains indefinitely after evaporation and is able to be reactivated with the addition of water. Compared to other lubricant varieties, Aqualube has an excellent coefficient of friction which provides smooth, easy installation of cable that will save time and money.  Manufactured in its Brisbane, Qld plant, shipping throughout Australia and to New Zealand, Aqualube is the market’s first choice for hauling lubricants.


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