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  • Provides a 500mm radius around an inside or outside corner at angles up to 45°. These blocks are mounted on the pole bracket RPB-100 and, with the use of the APH-207, can be utilised at a variety of angles. The advantages of the corner cable block are to ensure the bend radius of the cable…

  • Removable pulling eyes are screwed directly to the end of the rod and used to pull drawling rope through conduit. Removable pulling eyes are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Holds one 50cm dia. x 40cm wide reel, WLL 45kg   **  The ever popular CDC-5040-W with wheels is back in stock

  • Replacement rollers for underground and aerial equipment - fitted with sealed bearings. Replacement rollers are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Cable Tray Rollers are a great addition to any electrical contractor’s toolbox, as they can be utilised in the installation of cable trays and large runs of cables. The rollers are cast from quality-grade aluminium and are complete with sealed metal bearings.  Cable Tray Rollers are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Suits heavy duty pit lids. The Hydraulic Handylift makes light work of lifting heavy covers and is labour saving. Whether the covers are internal, block-paved, Gatic or split triangle, a kit can be provided to lift them quickly and safely, protecting operators from back & finger injury and removing all physical strain from the lifting process.…

  • These units are ideal for fibre pulling applications, due to their small size and 4.9 kN rating. The swivels have been manufactured with sealed bearings and are precision machined from high grade steel. They have been certified for a 2:1 safety factor.

  • High Performance Lubricant Gel: Suitable for heavy power cable and roughly sheathed cable ( e.g. hessian, bitumen, etc.) This is a thixotropic* gel that enables hand application to cable. Aquagel AQG Green is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. *The thixotropic gel contains a time-dependent shear thinning property, meaning it is thick under static…

  • The CLP drum ramp roller features the addition of two 'inline' vertical replacement rollers and a rear stabilising bar to keep the drum firmly in place when being spooled out - a particular advantage when the drum gets lighter towards the end of the cable payout. The back rollers come with an adjustable bracket which…

  • The Manhole Roller Guides sit on top of the manhole edge for corner pulls. The guides are designed to assist in the laying of cable up to 150mm diameter when entering a manhole from ground level. Manhole Roller Guides are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Proving duct integrity, cleaning sand, mud & spreading lubricant, especially on tight radius bends. Short Rubber Slugs are available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide ** CLP tools are referenced by the unit diameter, always confirm the I.D. of the conduit to ensure a suitable fit.

  • Closed Tubular Single Eye Grip is for light to medium hauling of communication and power cable. To be used in underground conduits, trenches, cable trays and for service lines to factories. Closed Tubular Single Eye Grip is available in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. CLP WIRE CABLE GRIPS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR LIFTING