Screw-On Cable Hauling Eye

CLP’s screw-on cable hauling eye is designed to offer maximum gripping strength on cable conductors of all types and conductor sizes 25-55mm diameter and suits all cable with an inner core. A short extension sleeve covers and protects the face of the cable insulation during hauling.

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Procedures for Installing the Power Eye

Remove all insulation materials, including the sheathing on the sectors inside, for a length 40mm longer than the nut used. Slide the nut over the exposed conductors securing it about 20mm in front of the sheathing stack, with the grub screws in the rear shoulder of the nut.
Hammer the conical shaped pin into the mass of wires until it won’t move any further. If the top of the pin is below the lip of the nut by more than 20mm then a larger pin should be used. (The pin will protrude past the end of the nut, this is normal.)
Screw the head onto the nut and secure it with the grub screws situated at the bottom of the head.
If the head has a sleeve attached, then this should be crimped down onto the outer sheath of the cable to seal the cable from water and dirt, or covered with a piece of heat shrink tubing.


CLP Code Conductor Dia Inside Dia of Eye A Outside Dia of Head B Length Spike C Length of Head D Length of Nut E
CER-2025 20-25 24 60 70 95 50
CER-2530 25-30 24 60 70 95 50
CER-3035 30-35 24 70 82 125 80
CER-3540 35-40 29 70 100 125 80
CER-4045 40-45 29 82 116 190 90
CER-4550 45-50 29 89 116 215 95
CER-5055 50-55 29 100 135 215 95
Tolerance ± 1 ± 2 ± 3 ± 3 ± 1
CLP Code Description
CER-2025 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 20-25mm diameter conductor
CER-2530 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 25-30mm diameter conductor
CER-3035 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 30-35mm diameter conductor
CER-3540 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 35-40mm diameter conductor
CER-4045 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 40-45mm diameter conductor
CER-45-50 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 45-50mm diameter conductor
CER-5055 Screw-On Hauling Eye to suit 50-55mm diameter conductor